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Maybe you love travel, but your busy schedule just doesn’t allow planning, or maybe you’re new to travel and don’t know where to start… I’m here for you wherever you are in your planning process! As a professionally trained and certified Travel Agent, I can help you with budget, itineraries, and so much more. I’m a detail girl, so you can trust that your trip will be handled with care.  

meet Adriene


Hey Travel buddy, it’s Nice to Meet You!

I am so happy you have landed on my happy little corner of the inter-webs. I imagine if you are reading this you’re ready for an adventure, but maybe just need a *little* help gettin’ going (or maybe a lot of help). Travel can be very overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be more stressful than it is fun. 

As a momma of two, a registered nurse, and a goal-getter with big hopes and dreams I know exactly what overwhelmed feels like! I’ve been there, and I have worked hard on finding that work/life balance. There are some things you just need (and should) delegate. Your hard-earned vacation can definitely be one of those things. Imagine the hours you’ll get back to enjoy with your family, put into your hobbies, and be able to relax when you need it. I would love to help you with that. 

I prefer to get to know my clients on a personal level, so know that when you work with me you’re going to know ME. I believe that if you’re going to trust someone with your time, money, and adventures you should find them honest and confident in their abilities. Our first conversation will be exactly that: getting to know each other and getting clear on your travel goals. 

From departure to your destination to arrival back home and beyond, you can consider me your virtual travel buddy. My services include itinerary planning, booking rooms and tours, scouting out entertainment, dining recommendations, packing lists, and more! I’ll also be on standby if any plans go awry. You can count on Honey and Spice to be there for your whole trip, and your next, and your next! 

Get to Know Me

1. The Title of My Autobiography Would Be:

a work in progress

2. You May be Suprised to Learn:

i’m a full time RVer

3. The Quality that Makes me Successful:

I never give up

4. When I’m Not Working, You can Find Me:

in the kitchen

5. The Best Advice I can Offer You:

find joy in the small things

6. My Most Rewarding Experience to Date:

my children

7. If I wasn’t a Travel Agent, I would be A:

travel photographer

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