Travel Advisor Services

When you’re planning the trip of a lifetime, choosing the right Travel Advisor is of major importance! Is Honey & Spice Travel Co. right for you? Here’s a quick run down of what we offer our clients. 

  • Personalized itineraries; we can customize your trip to your preferences. We will adjust and tweak your trip until you are satisfied.
  • Commitment to your trip; we are there for you from lift off to when you return at your doorstep. Our work is not done until you are safely back at home. You can expect quality check-ins on a monthly basis before your trip, and consistent updates in preparation for your departure.  
  • On-call during your travel days; we will be your extra eyes and ears while on your journey. Delays, cancellations, impending weather – we will be monitoring it all to the best of our abilities. 
  • Assistance choosing your flights, and flight tracking during days of travel. 
  • Flight + hotel packages available through our many trusted suppliers. 
  • Logistics – we will happily procure transportation services, rentals, and mapped directions to your various destinations. Private transportation sources available for most destinations. 
  • Booking of tours, excursions, specialty tickets, and VIP experiences. Have a specific request? We will do our best to accommodate. 
  • Weather updates before and during your trip.
  • Financial coherency. We keep track of payment plans (when available), pay-off due dates, and cancellation dates.
  • Travel Insurance. We want our clients to have the most fun in the safest way possible but we know that life throws curve balls.  Travel insurance is essential for peace of mind during a trip. Quotes for travel insurance will always be offered and highly recommended. 
  • A digital itinerary you can view from your laptop and your phone, connected directly to your agent. This allows us to keep all of your confirmation numbers, departure and arrival times, transportation logistics, and notes in one place.  
  • Guides and suggestions: Not exactly sure what you’d like to do? We got you! You’ll receive a destination guide and packing lists before you leave. 
  • Add-ons: Special occasion and celebrations are the heartbeat of our business! We live to create special moments and joyful atmospheres. Utilize our VIP services to add on welcome gifts, flower arrangements, private dinners and parties. 

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